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Ofsted Number: 221750

Charity Commission Number: 1027241

Our philosophy

To provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment where children can, through play:
1. Develop their independence
2. Develop their self esteem
3. Mix with other children and adults
4. Gain positive attitudes to all children
5. Have fun!

Essential information

Abington Pre-school is a registered charity and offers places for children aged 2 years old to 5 years old and is situated within the primary school grounds employing its own experienced and longstanding staff. The staff have experience of children with additional needs and also children with English as a second language.
We have been rated good with Ofsted in January 2020.


Abington Pre-school is open on weekdays during term time from 8:50am-3pm. The day can be broken into three sessions:

Morning session 8:50-11:50
Lunch session 11:50-1:20
Afternoon session 1:20-2:50. or extra late stay option till 3pm

Flexible sessions are available to suit both you and your child.


Abington Preschool is registered with OFSTED to accept government funding. Children are currently eligible to receive Nursery Education funding from the term after a child turns three years old.

Funded two’s

We are also registered to provide care and education to parents/carers in receipt of funded two funding for 2 year old children. If you think you may be eligible to receive such funding please contact the local Children’s centre in Linton or Sawston.

Pre-School Fees charged for over three year old children in Universal Entitlement.

Eligible children are entitled to access up to 15 hours per week of Early Years provision. This can be taken over a 38 weeks as long as the total hours claimed does not exceed 570 hours. The minimum claim for our setting is 2.5 hours in any one day and the maximum claim for our setting is 6 hours in any one day, please consult our Finance Manager if you require more details. Abington Pre-School is only open for 6 hours per day which sets the limit of Early Years provision per day.
Any additional fees charged relate to:
• Hours attended in excess of the free entitlement
• Weeks not funded by the Early Years Funding

Extended Entitlement for eligible three and four year olds.
Some parents/guardians may be entitled to 30 hours childcare if they meet certain criteria.
If eligible they will be sent a code which will need validating by the childcare provider.
At Abington Pre-School we only take up to 24 hours of the 30 hours entitlement.
Please contact our Finance Manager for further information on 01223 894246.


At Abington Preschool our approach to learning is play based.
We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) set by the government. The curriculum has 7 Prime areas for learning which we actively follow:

• Communication and language development
• Physical development
• Personal, social and emotional development
• Literacy development
• Mathematics
• Understanding the world
• Expressive arts and design

And 3 characteristics of effective teaching and learning:

• playing and exploring
• active learning
• creating and thinking critically

It promotes teaching and learning to ensure children’s school readiness and gives them the broad range of knowledge and skills needed to make good progress.

The Department for Education have produced a guidance to help, show parents/carers typical development at different ages called ‘What to expect when’. Please find the link below


At Preschool we encourage children to explore, take risks, make decisions, solve problems and share their achievements with others. As children they apply the knowledge and skills they gain from other areas of learning in a context, which is meaningful to them.


Abington Preschool had its last Ofsted inspection in January 2020. The inspector found us to be good in all areas.

“Staff welcome children warmly by name as they arrive, which makes children feel valued. Children show their independence as they hang up their coats and find their names for the registration board. Staff and children enjoy affectionate relationships and children clearly feel happy and safe at pre-school. Children seek comfort from staff when needed, and snuggle up alongside them at group story times. Children behave well overall. They join in cooperative games, such as making puzzles. Staff praise children warmly when they show kind, sharing attitudes to give them a sense of pride. Children develop a good sense of their own safety. They learn to navigate obstacles outdoors and assess risks when climbing on play equipment.
Children develop a real interest in books and independently select them. They thoroughly enjoy story times, where stories are expertly read by enthusiastic staff. Children become wrapped up in the stories, join in with repeated refrains and speculate confidently on what happens next. Staff help children to learn more about the wider world. They look at videos of Chinese dragons dancing together and recreate their own dragon head from boxes and collage materials. Children use a tablet computer to listen to Chinese music and perform their own dragon dance. Staff build on children’s prior knowledge as they discuss how each of them marked Chinese New Year.”

You can find the link to the full Ofsted report on our Ofsted Reports Page.